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Phd thesis antioxidant activity

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Arts: Music/Biography of John Lennon term paper 3350. The Legend of Lennon. By Kathleen Kane. Featured in print more than any other popular artist, John Winston Ono Lennon was. considered by many to be the phd thesis activity, greatest rock musician in essay questions, the world. Not only the unofficial. founder of the most successful group in music history, but also a role model for phd thesis antioxidant activity young and libraries old, Lennon inspired an entire generation and his legacy continues. He is remembered for being an.

advocate for peace and the rights of every human being, as well as a huge contributor to modern. music. He was a composer, then a poet and author, later an artist, moralist, philosopher, crackpot, father, and finally a victim. He became a legend from antioxidant activity every angle, but his character. was largely a facade. Most everything that people saw in him or expected him to be was a. fabrication. The real John Lennon can only books in school essay, be discovered by 'reading between the lines'. Born on October 9, 1940, John Lennon was a native of Liverpool England. His father, Alfred Lennon was away fighting in WWII at the time of antioxidant John's birth. As a toddler, he was. raised primarily by his mother, Julia Lennon. When John's father returned in 1944, he found. his wife was pregnant with another man's child. The couple filed for divorce immediately and. John and questions his mother moved in with her boyfriend.

His parents fought over phd thesis antioxidant activity, custody for a long. Siegfried Othmer! time, yet when Julia was finally awarded parental rights, she turned them over to her sister, John's Aunt Mimi. From the age of phd thesis antioxidant 5 to book report, 17, he lived with his aunt and her husband. He never. saw his father and rarely was allowed to visit with his mom, although she only lived about phd thesis, a mile. As a teenager, John began to release his creative energy through rock and roll.

He was. inspired by artists such as Elvis Presley to write and play his own music. In 1955, his aunt. bought him an inexpensive guitar. Later that year his uncle died and his mother re-entered his. life. This was a difficult adjusting period for John.

On one hand, he was distraught over losing. the only father figure he had ever known and on the other he was overjoyed that his mother. started to come around. In 1957 he started a band called the Query Men with some friends from. Computing! his highschool, Query Bank. Several weeks later, John met Paul McCartney at phd thesis antioxidant activity a gig, and Computing on Mobile devices Paul. Antioxidant! joined the band. In 1958, George Harrison joined too. Although he failed the SATs, John was accepted and enrolled in the Liverpool Art. Research By Dr! College in 1957 only because of the artistic talent he possessed. He did very little schoolwork. while attending college, and phd thesis activity he nearly flunked out. The most important thing that came out of. John's attendance was his meeting Cynthia Powell, another student. Computing Devices! They eventually dated and. she was the only thing that got him through his mother's death in activity, 1958. He also met Stu Sutcliffe.

who was a promising art major. John convinced him to buy a guitar, and he then let him in the. band that he and McCartney were putting together. The original Beatles were Lennon, McCartney, Pete Best, George Harrison, and Sutcliffe. John, Paul, and report George played the guitar, Pete was on the drums, and Stu was on the bass. They. started at phd thesis local nightclubs, barely bringing in pyramus essay questions, any money. The band played under various names, including Johnny and the Moon Dogs. John came up with The Beatles in 1959 because he. liked the name of the American band the Crickets. Big on puns, he changed Beetles to. Beatles, after the beat groups that were popular in Europe.

In 1960, the phd thesis, group got a gig playing. at a nightclub in Germany. Report! Because they had never performed for so long, they realized they. needed to change their act by adding more songs and choreography. Each member began to. drink to heavily and abuse diet pills, but it didn't slow them down. In Germany, the act drew. more and more crowds. Although very busy, Lennon wrote heartfelt letters back home to. Cynthia. The band returned to phd thesis, England in 1961, partly because George was discovered as. underage and was deported. In 1962, Stu had left the group to marry a woman he met in. Germany, then he died of a brain tumor that was probably caused by term on performance damage to activity, his brain that. was inflicted in a bar fight.

Pete Best was replaced as drummer that same year by Ringo Starr. Upon the band's return to Germany, Cynthia announced that she was pregnant and research paper John insisted. they get married. The big day took place in Liverpool on August 23, 1963. The band made their debut in America in 1964 on the Ed Sullivan Show. They were an. instant sensation, partly due to phd thesis antioxidant activity, the fact that President Kennedy had just been killed and books in school essay people. were looking for something new to lift their spirits. John's son Julian was born later that year. Although the Beatles were making a killing off of their albums, movies, and concerts, Lennon knew there was something missing in his life. He tried to fill the void by doing LSD and. Antioxidant Activity! various other drugs with George Harrison and their wives. The public never looked deeper into. the songs he wrote. They just sang along, never realizing that this artist was severely depressed. and was seeking refuge through lyrics like Help me if you can I'm feeling down. Books Libraries! help me get. my feet back on the ground.

His depression mainly resulted from not feeling like he was. expressing himself as an artist, which was the thing he loved most about his career. On a trip from the United States back to England, John met the woman who would later. Phd Thesis Antioxidant Activity! fill the emptiness he had inside. Devices! He went to an avant-garde art exhibit by Yoko Ono, a Japanese. artist that stood no more than four feet and phd thesis antioxidant eleven inches tall. Fascinated by her art and her. mysterious personality, Lennon became a patron of her work. In 1968, he became romantically. involved with Yoko and he and Cynthia divorced. Cynthia was awarded custody of Julian, and.

John rarely saw him after that. It had been an unwritten rule for the Beatles that the recording. studio was off limits to wives and girlfriends. The rule had always been followed. up until 1968, when John started to bring Yoko. The rest of the band never complained, although. silently they resented her. She didn't just watch rehearsal, she insisted on criticizing the. performances and making suggestions that were interpreted more as demands. They called her names behind her back, which John took personally. He felt that she had given. him more inspiration in nine months than they had in report, nine years.

John and Yoko put out a very. Phd Thesis! controversial album that year called Two Virgins, which was banned from sale in England. because the cover was regarded as pornographic. On March 20, 1968, John Lennon and Yoko. Ono were married. It was all down hill for on Mobile devices the Beatles from there. They began to quarrel all the time. Paul. and John were disgusted with each other's lyrics. George felt his lyrics were completely ignored. by John and Paul, and Ringo actually considered quitting the group because he was so unhappy. Rehearsals and recoding sessions, which had all ways been lively and fun for the Beatles, were. now nothing but a hassle and a frustration. Phd Thesis Antioxidant Activity! They played their last concert together in San. Francisco in 1966.

They tried to reunite to record Let It Be, but they were all hostile and their. attempts to make peace with one another again proved futile. The last time the innocence, Beatles appeared. together for the public was on January 30, 1969. The Beatles were too big to walk away silently. Their breakup became one of the bloodiest in music history. John flew solo for a long time after that, releasing albums, writing songs, and painting. Antioxidant Activity! He and Yoko become advocates for peace and spoke out against the Vietnam War. John. recorded Give Peace a Chance as part of his protest. In 1970 Yoko and John came back to the. U.S.

They bought a mansion called Dakota in New York City. Essay! Yoko gave birth to Sean Ono Taro. Antioxidant Activity! Lennon in 1975, on paper by dr othmer John's 35th birthday. After that John stepped out of the public eye. He. became a house husband, taking care of his son and rarely ever leaving his house. Yoko took. care of phd thesis antioxidant activity all of the finances and report John raised their son.

He didn't even write music for a period of. about antioxidant, five years. And Thisbe Essay Questions! He had felt very guilty about not being there to watch his first born, Julian, grow up, so he was trying to make up for it by devoting his whole life to antioxidant, Sean. In 1980, he began. to write music and produce albums again. On December 9, 1980, he left his house to go. the recording studio. When he stepped outside, a man later identified as Mark David Chapman. asked him for term on performance appraisal his autograph. Not wanting to disappoint a fan, John signed an phd thesis, album cover for. him. Chapman waited for him to return outside of his house for six hours.

When John finally. On Performance Appraisal! came back, Chapman shot at phd thesis antioxidant him five times, hitting him twice in the back and twice in in school essay, the. shoulder. His death marked the end of an era. People all over the world mourned his death. Thousands of fans gathered in front of Dakota upon his death. Crying they sang Give Peace a. The impact John Lennon had on phd thesis society was immense to say the least. His influence was. world wide, and he impacted the U.S. as much as any other place on Earth, if not more. Because. the Beatles made their debut on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964, people were overjoyed to have. something new to be excited about. The entire country had been mourning over the recent death. of President Kennedy and this gave them something to be happy about again. Term Papers On Performance! You could almost. say that the Beatles brought the entire country out of phd thesis activity depression. He and by dr the Beatles. created a whole new style of phd thesis antioxidant music.

They were the first group to take rock and roll music beyond. guitars and drums and to experiment with new technology like synthesizers and equalizers. They. were the most successful group in paper siegfried, music history and Lennon was the definite driving force. behind their success. Holding the top five spots on the countdowns in three continents is a record. that Lennon and McCartney songs set that is still not even close to being broken. From 1964 to. 1970, the Beatles had over 60 songs on the U.S. Antioxidant Activity! charts, more than half of which made the top. ten. People everywhere wanted to be just like them, including starting bands and getting. matching haircuts.

Everything they said and did was imitated. Attendance broke record on pyramus and thisbe questions their. summer tour of 1964, which went to Europe, U.S., Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, and New. Zealand. They had a tremendous influence on millions of fans and antioxidant activity inspired future bands like the. Siegfried! Rolling Stones and GunsNRoses. Their songs are still played on the radio today. Their. movie, Hard Days Night, was a forerunner for the modern music videos, which are so common. Phd Thesis! today. John Lennon made a huge impact as a solo artist, as well. Research Siegfried Othmer! His lyrics. made people think and often put them in touch with emotions that they had not been aware of. before. Songs such as Imagine represent the era so well that they are often used as themes in.

movies or shows about the 1960's or the Vietnam War. Mr. Holland's Opus and Forest Gump are. two good examples of this. His songs were about compassion and understanding for others, a. style which was ahead of his time. People listened and followed his message. Blues Traveler and The Dave Mathews Bandeven teamed up to remake Imagine in 1995. Give Peace A. Chance is phd thesis antioxidant probably John Lennon's most used and recognized song. It is an anthem for all who. are opposed to violence and want to live in harmony.

John Melloncamp talked about the death of. John Lennon is his song Key West Intermezzo. These are just a few example of how John. Book! Lennon's music has impacted different musicians and activists. Because of John Lennon's impact on the music industry, many of his fans were willing to. do anything he said and phd thesis activity wanted to be exactly like him. This gave Lennon a lot of influence in. other areas, since whatever he did was imitated and essay to kill a mockingbird admired. He used this power both positively. and negatively. His view on religion certainly changed a lot of activity people's minds about their faiths. and books in school libraries essay beliefs. His most controversial quote about religion was Christianity will go. It will vanish. and shrink. I needn't argue about activity, that.

We're more popular than Jesus now. I don't know which. will go first- rock 'n' roll or Christianity. He was later criticized so much for that remark in the. U.S. that he was forced to publically apologize. In England and banning in school libraries essay other parts of antioxidant Europe. did not seem to to kill, be offended by the remark but instead inspired. By that time he had already. affected so many minds, especially the young and impressionable minds of teenagers.

Lennon's. popularity went unaffected. As an advocate for civil rights, he changed a lot of people's opinions. about war. He and Yoko protested the Vietnam War by doing bed-ins. They would stay in bed. for days at a time and for an hour a day cameras would be brought in and they would host a show. from their bedroom and talk about peace as well as other domestic and phd thesis antioxidant world issues.

People. would watch and be encouraged to stand up for pyramus essay questions peace. Lennon later stated that the main purpose. of the bed-ins was to make people aware of how they could make a difference and also to draw. attention to the immorality of war. Protests like these impacted many people in the way John had. Phd Thesis Antioxidant! intended to. As a big believer in the power of on Mobile devices advertisements, he had a huge billboard posted in. time square that said War is Over! (If you want it) Happy Christmas from John and Yoko. Phd Thesis Activity! His.

1967 movie, How I Won the War was another was he reached people about the a mockingbird, issue of phd thesis antioxidant death. and destruction. President Nixon, however, was negatively affected by Lennon's protests, since. Term On Performance! he was essentially the phd thesis, reason the U.S. entered the Vietnam War. He got a lot of negative reviews. as President because of this. Because of Lennon's politics, the Nixon administration had the FBI. keep watch on him, trying to find a reason to deport him, claiming he was a threat to national. security. Although Lennon was able to convince his followers to give peace a chance, he also. had a harmful impact on essay book them. As one of the first celebrities to condone using drugs, he was a. bad influence on phd thesis antioxidant teens. He openly smoked marijuana and drank to the point of intoxication, as. well as used heroine and on performance appraisal LSD. He had been arrested and sent to jail in England over illegal. possession of marijuana. He also had a public affair with Yoko Ono while married to Cynthia, which sent a negative message to antioxidant, the public.

Other harmful impacts included his encouragement. of promiscuousness and his risque style, including the photo on the album cover of Two Virgins. He was also not much of a father to his first son Julian, which may not have had such an. influence except for the fact that so many people wanted to be exactly like him, and every single. choice he made was imitated, even if it was wrong. People thought that if John Lennon does it, it must be ok. Essay To Kill A Mockingbird Innocence! John Lennon has had almost as great an impact in death as he did in life. Phd Thesis! His. death signaled the end of an era. Six days after his death people around the banning in school libraries, world held a ten. minute tribute to him. He is phd thesis antioxidant remembered as a musical genius and an idealist, and his message. lives on even today through his songs, which have been cherished by 3 generations. His message.

Lennon's association with famous people included Ringo Star, Paul McCartney, Elvis. Presley, Richard Nixon, and Eric Clapton. Essay A Mockingbird! He helped to make Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. famous because they probably never would have been without the Beatles. Since Lennon was. the leader of the Beatles and he asked them to join the group, they owe their success to him in a. sense. Elvis Presley was affected by the success of the Beatles because before they came to the. United States, he was big cheese of the phd thesis, music industry, and when the Beatles came, he had to. share the lime lite. Needless to say, he was not a big Beatles fan, although he had been a huge. role model for essay them, especially John. Phd Thesis! Richard Nixon was associated a lot with Lennon because. of his attempts to rid the country of him.

He hated Lennon's protests because they made him. look bad. Eric Clapton played a lot of benefit concerts with John Lennon and at one point it was. rumored that they had plans to start a group after the breakup of the Beatles. I have so many thoughts and opinions about papers appraisal, this project that I honestly don't know where. to phd thesis, begin. Although the idea of this research paper was to learn about some one and to research paper by dr siegfried, manage. my time well, I really got a lot more out of it than that. This may sound dumb, but I really. learned a lot about myself in phd thesis, doing this project. I think of myself as being really original and. having really unique views of the world, as John Lennon did. In School Essay! The biggest thing I gained from. this project is that I learned that one person really can change the world. All you need to have is. confidence and believe whole-heartedly in what you are doing and anything is antioxidant really possible.

Although I didn't believe in some of his habits or the things he stood for, I am a strong believer. in his general message, which is understanding and tolerance of others. To me diversity is not. what makes us hate, it's our inability to accept each other. I also learned in banning essay, this project that. although John Lennon was many things to many people, he was not fully understood. Phd Thesis Antioxidant Activity! I was. influenced a lot by Lennon, just in reading about him and listening to his songs. I feel the way. he does about papers on performance appraisal, war and about killing. I love that he could take his opinion, put it into song, and. Phd Thesis Activity! change so many people's views.

I think that being able to put your influence to good work is the. most important thing you can do as a leader. He taught me that you have to think for yourself, and go against the grain sometimes. Lemmings follow each other to a tragic end, and if people. refuse to think for in school themselves and form their own opinions about things, I think they will end up. the same way. He was seen as very strong and bold, but I think that inside he was just like. everyone else and he lived his whole life behind a mask of confidence. People didn't realize. his pain or they just didn't want to see it.

I really enjoyed doing this project and learning about. such a controversial person. I realize now that it isn't worth being an artist if its not to express. Antioxidant! yourself. That's what art and music is really all about. As importantly depending on term papers on performance appraisal what you do. with your power, you could end up changing the course of history. John Lennon was different from other performers. Phd Thesis Activity! As he once said, I was different all. my life. Nobody seems to understand where I'm coming from. Papers On Performance Appraisal! I seem to see things different. Phd Thesis Antioxidant Activity! than most people.. That quote definitely sums up his entire life. He did things differently and. was successful.

He was an amazing person who used his talent to get through to papers appraisal, people the way. no one else could. He had an amazing power to use rock 'n' roll as a way of voicing his opinion. and touching the heart and soul of people everywhere. His perception of life was different than. most people's, which is what makes him so interesting to research. Adored by millions of. people all over phd thesis activity, the world, his achievements and research siegfried othmer breakthroughs in the music industry as well his. impacts on phd thesis antioxidant activity society will never be forgotten. Pyramus And Thisbe Questions! Our writers are all Uni graduates able to work effectively on any level under time constraints.

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resume with patents This application claims priority of phd thesis activity, a provisional application, Ser. No. 60/008,700, filed Dec. 15, 1995. The invention relates to book, electronic resume storage and retrieval systems and methods. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION. Resumes are a primary communication medium between employers and phd thesis antioxidant job applicants (candidates).

Employers annually spend billions of dollars to devices, solicit resumes using newspaper advertisements, job fairs, college recruitment seminars, and other methods. In response, job applicants spend billions more to compose, typeset, print, and ship those resumes. Unfortunately, present resume delivery practices are expensive and frustrating for job applicants. Identifying potential employers, obtaining addresses, producing resumes for activity, each, and finally delivering them is burdensome and time-consuming. The success rate for such efforts is discouragingly low, and the associated expenses can be quite significant. This makes the entire process quite inefficient from the applicant's point of view.

Employers, too, suffer from the inefficiencies of resume collection and handling. The solicitation, receipt, storage, management, search, and retrieval of dozens, hundreds, and in some cases thousands of resumes can be a difficult, unwieldy, and a mockingbird innocence expensive burden on the employer. Physical, paper-based resumes are often stored in desk drawers and filing cabinets. The numerous limitations of present resume practices include consumption of substantial physical space; difficulty in activity searching through large quantities of paper documents; the near-impossibility of correlating applicants whose resumes may vary widely in organization, content, and clarity; and the lack of uniformity in the search process from one practitioner to another. From the essay to kill a mockingbird, above discussion, it is clear that a very significant need exists for an improved method of resume solicitation, sorting, delivery, handling, and phd thesis antioxidant management. Yet prior attempts to resolve some of banning books in school libraries essay, these problems have achieved only phd thesis antioxidant limited success. Document scanners have been used in some attempts to reduce the physical space consumed by physical resumes. However, search methods do not work well on scanned images because scanned resumes are stored as pictures, not searchable words or text.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) has been used in some attempts to convert paper-based resumes to pure text. However, employers are typically unwilling to forgo the traditional resume because of the widely held belief that the research paper, ability to phd thesis activity, review the format, style, and research paper siegfried othmer presentation of the resume itself is of value. Still other attempts have employed the aforementioned OCR conversion to allow the use of keyword search methods on the resulting text of full resumes, in an attempt to find those which contain key words or phrases. Phd Thesis Antioxidant? However, such methods have proven inefficient because of the nature of written language. As just one example, an employer seeking applicants residing in the state of paper by dr siegfried othmer, Indiana will find numerous false matches when searching with the standard postal service abbreviation IN. The letter pair in appears frequently in the English language (many times in this sentence alone), yet most such matches in the full text of a resume would have little or nothing to do with the searcher's true intent. A further difficulty with keyword search methods is the antioxidant, requirement that the words or phrases in question must match with near-perfect accuracy. The diversity of job applicant writing skills and essay innocence vocabularies causes many resumes, which otherwise might describe applicants with similar attributes, to be written using very different terms and phrases. Antioxidant Activity? Such wide variation causes keyword search methods to often erroneously exclude qualified applicants--without notification to the searcher--while simultaneously including unqualified ones. Prior attempts at applying computer technology to resume management have been limited in scope, applicability, and essay to kill a mockingbird usefulness.

For example, many have been intended for phd thesis activity, use only by employers, employment specialists, or headhunters. Job applicants themselves are completely excluded from accessing such systems. One prior attempt, described in U.S. Pat. Questions? No. 5,164,897 to Clark et al. (incorporated by reference), is illustrative. Activity? The first sentence of the to kill a mockingbird innocence, prior art section of this patent describes the phd thesis, prior art as applying to employment agencies (sometimes called search firms). The preferred embodiment section of the patent then describes a system designed for use by such agencies and firms--without direct applicant involvement of any kind. Other attempts have allowed applicants to initially enter some data, but make no explicit provision for essay to kill innocence, ongoing involvement.

Such approaches can result in outdated information and questionable results. Other attempts have required the installation of activity, specialized computer hardware and/or software, or personnel training at the employer's place of business. The difficulty in learning and using the system often effectively restricts access to books, just those who have been appropriately trained. Other attempts have incorporated rudimentary computer-based searching methods. The most common method involves the aforementioned keyword searches on the contents of entire resumes, such as offered by Online Career Center, Indianapolis, Ind. and TMP Interactive, Framingham, Mass. The inherent limitations of phd thesis, such methods have already been discussed. Another attempt at banning in school libraries essay, incorporating computer-based searching methods is activity, seen in the services available from Intellimatch, San Jose, Calif., (Internet address: Pyramus And Thisbe Essay? This attempt accepts weighted ranking data provided by phd thesis, applicants and employers. There are several disadvantages of this type of method: First, the essay, user interface for interacting with such ranking systems can be complex, non-intuitive, unfamiliar, difficult to learn, and slow to operate. Second, there is no objective reference for ranking standards--individual applicants are asked to rank themselves, leading to an extremely subjective collection of personal opinions.

Third, employers are asked to rank their requirements in a like fashion, again without reference to an objective standard. Phd Thesis Activity? Fourth, these highly subjective data are then compared to each other, compounding assumptions upon assumptions and often yielding startlingly mismatched and valueless results. Another attempt at providing resume services on the Internet is provided by Beverly Hills Software, 469 South Bedford Drive, Beverly Hills, Calif. 90212, (Internet address: http://www.Bhs.Com). Pyramus And Thisbe? This attempt prompts applicants to enter text-only information using a template.

However, keyword searches still involve searching the phd thesis antioxidant activity, entire contents of essay report, resume data; no searching by fields is available. A visual template is provided for applicant data, but the resulting pure text is sorted as one large text file, like other systems. There is also no provision for charging or collecting fees. Some of the aforementioned examples have attempted to incorporate various remote connection means. Such remote methods have traditionally been limited to phd thesis activity, text-only resume storage and keyword-based searches of the full resume text. None have succeeded in questions addressing all of the problems described above. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION. The invention provides a method of and phd thesis antioxidant activity apparatus for storage and retrieval of pyramus and thisbe questions, resume images in a manner which preserves the appearance, organization, and information content of the original document.

One embodiment of the invention provides a method of and apparatus for storing formatted summaries or outlines of resume images, and efficient searching and subsequent selection of the resume outlines and antioxidant their associated resume images. One embodiment of the banning books in school libraries, invention provides a user interface for creating the aforementioned resume outlines which is based on phd thesis a familiar paper-based method already in common use, thus reducing the pyramus essay, training required to effectively use the system. One embodiment of the invention provides a method of and apparatus for computer-assisted searching of the aforementioned stored resume outlines in phd thesis a manner which minimizes the need for specialized equipment and training. Term Papers On Performance? In one embodiment, such searches can be or suspended, and resumed at a later time. One embodiment of the antioxidant, invention provides a method of and apparatus for enabling the automatic and continuous execution of the searches through resume outlines, thereby determining when a potentially qualifying applicant has entered their resume outline and resume image and report enabling employers to be automatically notified thereof.

One embodiment of the invention provides a method of and apparatus for coordinating the phd thesis, terminology and Computing on Mobile devices vocabulary used by applicants and potential employers in the entry and searching for the aforementioned resume outlines. One embodiment of the invention provides a method of and apparatus for the controlled expansion of the terminology and phd thesis activity vocabulary used by siegfried othmer, applicants and potential employers in phd thesis activity the entry of and searching of the aforementioned resume outlines. One embodiment of the invention employs modern communications systems, such as the Internet, the World Wide Web, or other commercial connectivity services, for a mockingbird innocence, applicant submission of outlines or resume images, or employer searches through outlines or viewing of resume images. One embodiment of the invention employs modern communications systems to automatically notify applicants or employers under certain conditions, such as the phd thesis, expiration of a time interval or occurrence of an event. One embodiment of the invention employs common and and thisbe essay questions commercially available computer hardware and software to reduce or eliminate the need for specialized equipment by and training of the applicant or employer. One embodiment of the invention employs modern communications systems for billing and payment for services. Other features of the invention will become apparent to those of ordinary skill in the art upon review of the following detailed description, claims, and drawings. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS. Preferred embodiments of the invention are described below with reference to the following accompanying drawings.

FIG. 1 is a block diagram illustrating a system embodying the invention. FIG. 2 is a block diagram of a server included in the system shown in FIG. Antioxidant? 1. FIG. 3 is an example of a resume outline form sent from the server of FIG. Paper By Dr Siegfried? 2 to an applicant's client machine included in phd thesis activity the system of FIG. 1.

FIG. 4 is an book report example of a search request form sent from the server of FIG. 2 to antioxidant, an employer's client machine included in the system of essay to kill a mockingbird innocence, FIG. 1. FIG. Phd Thesis Antioxidant Activity? 5 is an example of a summary of a resume outline sent from the server of FIG. 2 to an employer's client machine in response to a search request. FIG.

6 is an example of pyramus and thisbe, a vocabulary assistance process in accordance with one embodiment of the invention. FIG. 7 is an example of phd thesis activity, a resume image stored by the server of pyramus, FIG. 2. FIGS. Activity? 8A, 8B, 9-11, 12A, 12B, and 13 define a flowchart of a process performed by the server of FIG. 2. in accordance with one embodiment of the invention. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS. This disclosure of the invention is on Mobile devices, submitted in furtherance of the constitutional purposes of the U.S. Patent Laws to promote the progress of science and phd thesis activity useful arts (Article 1, Section 8) FIG, 1 shows a resume storage and retrieval system 10 embodying the invention.

The system 10 comprises a server 12 including a memory 14, and a database 16 defined in the memory 14. The server 12 can be a minicomputer, a microcomputer, a UNIX (TM) machine, a mainframe computer, a personal computer such as an Intel (TM) PC, 286, 386, 486, Pentium, P6, etc. Innocence? (TM) personal computer or clone, or Apple (TM), Macintosh (TM), or PowerPC (TM) personal computer or clone, or any other appropriate computer. The memory 14 is phd thesis antioxidant, preferably long term memory (e.g. To Kill A Mockingbird? hard drive, disk drive, tape unit, CD-ROM, etc.). The server 12 includes typical components (FIG. 2) such as a CPU or processor 18, input devices such as a keyboard (not shown), and mouse (not shown), output devices (not shown) such as a monitor and printer, RAM 20, ROM 22, serial ports (not shown), parallel ports (not shown), and activity communication hardware 24, which may either be internal or external, such as internal communication cards (e.g., modem card or network card) or external communication hardware (e.g., external modem), etc. Essay? In one embodiment, the communication hardware 24 connects the server 12 to the Internet, so that the server 12 defines an Internet node. More particularly in one embodiment, the server 12 is a World Wide Web server connected to the Internet. In this embodiments the server 12 has a multi-user, multi-tasking operating system such as UNIX (if the server is a UNIX machine), Windows NT, LINUX (if the server is antioxidant activity, a personal computer), etc.

The system 10 further includes a job applicant's client machine (or applicant's client machine) 26 in selective communication with the server 12. The job applicant's client machine 26 is connected to the server 12 via a communication link 28. Various possible types of communication link can be employed for papers on performance, the communication link 28 between the server 12 and the applicant's client machine 26. For example, the communication link 28 can comprise a hard wired connection, a telephone connection, a satellite RF, or other wireless connection, an Internet connection, a local area network or wide area network connection, a combination of the phd thesis activity, preceding, or any other desired type of books in school, connection. Many applicant's client machines 26 can communicate with the server 12 at the same time. Different applicant's client machines can connect with the phd thesis activity, server using different types of communication links 28. For example, one of the communication links 28 can be a hard wired connection while another one of the communication links 28 is a telephone connection. After the communication link is established, communications can take place over on Mobile the link using any of various protocols, such as e-mail, FTP (file transfer protocol), TCP/IP (Internet protocol, which can be used with HTTP-hyper text transfer protocol, or GOPHER), ASCII, X-MODEM, Y-MODEM, KERMIT, any variation s on antioxidant these protocols, or any other appropriate protocol. During a session, the server 12 communicates to the applicant's client machine a resume outline form 30 (FIG.

3) to be completed by a job applicant. The form 30 has a plurality of fields 31 relevant to employment, using which typical information found on a resume is summarized by the applicant, The form 30 has fields that are similar to blanks found on traditional job application forms available from employers. In the illustrated embodiment, the form 30 has various sections, such as a personal information section 32, an optional information section 34, a position desired section 36, an education section 38, and an employment history section 40. Other sections can be used, as desired. Each section has various fields 31. For example, in the illustrated embodiment, the personal information section 32 has fields 39, 41, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, and 56 for the job applicant's first, middle, and last names, address, city, state or province (e.g., the Computing on Mobile, two letter postal service abbreviations), zip code or postal code, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address, respectively; the optional information section 34 has fields 58, 60, 62 and phd thesis 64 relating to citizenship, fields 66 and 68 relating to security clearance, and a field 70 for a social security or social insurance number; the position desired section 36 has a field 72 for research by dr, job title, fields 74, 76, 78, and 80 relating to phd thesis activity, the type of employment sought (full time permanent, full time temporary, part time permanent, or part time temporary), fields 82, 84, 86, and banning books 88 relating to compensation requirements, and a field 90 relating to the date when the applicant will be available for antioxidant activity, the new position, the research paper by dr siegfried, education section 38 has fields 94, 96, 98, 100, 102, 104, 106, and 108 relating to majors, degrees, school names and locations, and grade point averages (multiple copies of fields 100, 102, 104, 106 and 108 can be included for multiple colleges attended); and the employment history section 40 has fields 110, 111, 112, 114, 116, 118, and 120 for employer name, employer city, employer state or province, previous job title, start date for activity, that position, and end date for that position (multiple copies of fields 110, 111, 112, 114, 116, 118, and appraisal 120 can be included for multiple prior positions). Other or additional fields can be used, as desired, or synonyms can be used in place of the words shown in antioxidant FIG.

3 adjacent the fields. Cloud Computing On Mobile Devices? For World Wide Web applications, the form 30 is an HTML form, and phd thesis activity has submit and clear buttons 122 and 124 using which the applicant can either send the information from the filled fields to the server, or can clear the form and to kill a mockingbird start over. The form 30 further includes a vocabulary assistance button 146, the function of which is discussed below. Upon receiving the form 30, the job applicant fills in (using his/her machine 26) as many fields 31 as desired, including some mandatory information such as name and contact information (address and/or phone number) in section 32. The applicant also effects creation of a graphics file 126 (FIG. 7) of the applicant's resume for receipt by antioxidant activity, the server. The graphics file 126 contains all the formatting, fonts, and to kill a mockingbird innocence margins of a traditional paper resume, and is of phd thesis antioxidant activity, great assistance to employers wishing to gain some insight into the professionalism of an applicant. The graphics file can be, for example, in a file format identified by one of the following extensions: .GIF,.TIF (or .TIFF), .JPG (or .JPEG or .JPE),.BMP,.TGA,.EPS,.PCX or another form of graphics file that maintains the appearance, format information, and font information of the original document. The applicant can create the graphics file in any appropriate manner at a location 134 remote from the server 12.

For example, the applicant can create the graphics file using a scanner 128 (FIG. 1), by to kill innocence, scanning his or her actual printed resume. Phd Thesis Antioxidant? Alternatively, the applicant can use a facsimile machine 130 (FIG. 1) to fax his or her actual printed resume to a facsimile machine 132 in the possession of the administrator of the system 10 (e.g., located at the location of the server 12). The facsimile machine 132 creates graphics file 126 that is stored by the server. In one embodiment, the system administrator can convert the graphics file from a fax format to one of the Cloud on Mobile devices, above mentioned graphics file formats. Preferably, however, the server 12 itself will automatically perform the conversion from fax format to a more appropriate format such as described in the previous paragraph, so that human intervention is not required. In this preferred embodiment, the facsimile machine 132 may comprise a fax card housed in phd thesis antioxidant the server 12. In another embodiment, the system administrator can receive a mail copy of a printed resume, and can scan it into the server 12 for innocence, the applicant using a scanner 133 in the possession of the system administrator (e.g., located at the location of the server 12). The server 12 receives and stores in the database 16 the phd thesis antioxidant activity, graphics file 126 as well as an entry defined by the summary information filled in on the form 30 by the job applicant.

In one embodiment, the Computing devices, graphics file 126 can be communicated to the server using a different protocol than was used for transmitting the antioxidant, summary information. For example, the summary information can be sent from the applicant's client machine 26 to the server 12 via HTML, and Cloud on Mobile the graphics file 126 can be sent from phd thesis antioxidant activity that applicant's client machine 26 to the server 12 via e-mail. Any other combination of protocols can be used, at the applicant's option. The form 30 is useful in a mockingbird innocence that it provides searchable information. The information of the graphics file 126 cannot be easily searched. In addition, the form defines fields 31, so that searches can be performed by field, by prospective employers. Further, the form 30 is phd thesis antioxidant, of a format known to both applicants and essay book report employers (i.e., a format like a traditional employer's job application), so that the phd thesis antioxidant, need for training applicants and employers in essay using the system is avoided. Instead, applicants can easily fill the form 30, and employers can easily search the database. Phd Thesis Activity? In a preferred embodiment, the employers search the database using a form 136 (FIG. Paper By Dr? 4) that is very similar in appearance to the form 30 presented to applicants The forms 30 and 136 provide a standard framework to be used by all applicants, and all employers. The server 12 associates or links the summary information entry from the form 30 with the graphics file 126 submitted by the applicant's client machine 26.

In other words, if a search by an employer turns up the summary information for a particular applicant, the graphics file 126 containing an antioxidant image of on performance, that applicant's resume can be easily pulled up as well. The form 30 and graphics file 126 may be transmitted by the applicant's client machine during a single session. It is also possible that the applicant may fill out and transmit the form 30 during one session, and antioxidant activity then upload the resume image during another session. Or, the applicant could fax a resume at some later time. In other words, it is not required that the two actions occur during a single session. The system further comprises an employer's client machine 138 in selective communication with the server 12. The employer's client machine is connected to the server 12 via a communication link 140. Various possible types of term appraisal, communication link can be employed for the communication link between the server 12 and antioxidant the employer's client machine 138. For example, the term papers on performance, communication link 140 can comprise a hard wired connection, a telephone connection, a satellite RF, or other wireless connection, an Internet connection, a local area network or wide area network connection, or any other desired type of activity, connection.

Several employer's client machines 138 can communicate with the server 12 simultaneously. Employer's client machines 138 can communicate with the server 12 at the same time that one or more applicant's client machines 26 are connected to the server 12. Different employer's client machines 138 can connect with the server 12 using different types of communication links 140. For example, one employer's client machine 138 can be communicating with the server 12 using a telephone connection, while another employer's client machine 138 communicates with the server 12 using an Internet connection. Employers may prefer to use a telephone connection, instead of an Internet connection, because of less security risk in transmitting credit card information. If an Internet connection is used, some security precautions are taken in the preferred embodiment. Banning Books Essay? For example, a secure server can be used for the server 12, or encryption can be used (e.g., using PGP--pretty good privacy encryption, such as is antioxidant activity, provided by Computing, ViaCrypt (TM) software, or some other encryption method). Upon connection, the server 12 provides the employer's client machine 138 with search form 136 (FIG.

4). The search form 136 is preferably similar to the form 30 filled by phd thesis antioxidant activity, applicants, as described above, and preferably includes fields 31 corresponding to fields contained on the form filled by applicants. After filling in the search form, entering search terms in the fields of importance to the employer, the paper siegfried othmer, employer sends the phd thesis, search form to the server (e.g., by pressing a submit, send, or search button 142 on the form in essay book a HTML application). Phd Thesis Activity? This results in the employer's client machine 138 providing a search request to the server 12 and initiating a search of the to kill, summary information in phd thesis activity the database 16. As was the essay book, case with the applicant's form 30, the form 136 also includes a clear button 144, in an HTML application, using which the phd thesis antioxidant, employer can clear the form 136 and start over. The search parameters are defined by the filled search form 136 The filled search form 136 indicates which fields 31 are to be searched for which keywords. For example, based on which fields 31 are filled with which keywords, a search query can be constructed which takes the logical OR of term on performance, each word contained in a field, and which takes the logical AND of each of the fields 31. Phd Thesis Antioxidant? Other logical and Computing weighted combinations are possible. In one embodiment, if an employer fills in US in the citizenship field, and fills in Engineer, Scientist in the job title field, a search query can be constructed requiring that qualifying applicants be U.S. citizens AND be engineers OR scientists. Alternative appropriate systems for activity, creating search queries can also be employed. Siegfried? For example, different fields 31 can be assigned different importance weights.

It may be more critical to have a close match in the city field in the Personal Information section than to have a close match in the compensation field. In one embodiment, employers are able to indicate logical connectors between keywords, such as engineer NOT chemical (e.g., if an employer is looking for any type of engineer other than a chemical engineer) In a preferred embodiment, the employer can use natural English (without logical connectors), and the server 12 creates an appropriate search query. Upon completing the search, the server 12 communicates to the employer's client machine an amount of the summary information for entries that satisfy the search parameters (search query). Preferably, contact information (e.g., name, address, phone number, e-mail, fax number, etc.) of qualifying applicants is suppressed at this stage, In one embodiment, the information presented to the employer for antioxidant, each entry that satisfies the banning books in school essay, search parameters is summarized information, for easy and quick review in a standardized, compact, format. An example of summarized information is phd thesis antioxidant, shown in FIG. 5. Relevancy ranking is performed in a preferred embodiment.

The relevancy ranking identifies entries in the database 16 which, while perhaps not perfectly matching the criteria specified in the search form 136, are substantially similar enough to be of potential interest to the employer. Relevancy ranking can be performed in a manner such as performed by: CPL Retrieval Engine, sold by Personal Library Systems, 2400 Research Blvd., Suite 350, Rockville, Md. 20850; NexTrieve Indexing Engine from Nexial Systems, St. Annastraat 4, 6109 RH, Ohe en Laak, The Netherlands; MetaMorph Text Retrieval Engine sold by Thunderstone Software--EPI Inc., 11115 Edgewater Drive, Cleveland, Ohio 44102; InTEXT Retrieval Engine, sold by InTEXT Systems, 715 Sutter Street, Folsom, Calif. 95630; or Fast Data Finder, sold by Paracel Inc., 80 South Lake Avenue, Suite 650, Pasadena, Calif. 91101, or any other appropriate manner.

Summarized information (as shown in FIG. 5) is provided for the best matches to essay, the search request, after taking into phd thesis activity, account the relevancy ranking described above The maximum number of matches supplied to the employer's client machine can be set to term appraisal, any appropriate number by either the administrator of the system 10, or the phd thesis activity, employer performing the search. In one embodiment, the research paper by dr siegfried othmer, employer can request summarized information for additional, less relevant, entries than those initially presented. The server 12 then queries the employer's client machine as to whether to present graphics files 126 of resumes associated with the entries that satisfy the phd thesis antioxidant, search parameters. The server does not present the essay to kill a mockingbird innocence, graphics files 126 of the phd thesis, resumes or the contact information for entries that satisfy the search parameters until payment is made or authorized by essay book report, the employer. The employer may establish an account, and provide billing information (such as by providing a credit card number) to the administrator of the system 10 at one time, and antioxidant activity will then be able to papers on performance appraisal, subsequently log in using a password, and order contact information and antioxidant activity graphics files without having to essay to kill, again transmit a credit card. In this manner, the employer can connect once using a telephone connection or secure connection, transmit the billing information, and antioxidant subsequently use an insecure connection. In a preferred embodiment, no password is required of employers unless they choose to set up an account as described above.

In this preferred embodiment, they can search without establishing an account, but can only obtain contact information and graphics files if they provide billing information such as a credit card. Means other than passwords can be employed to establish secure access to the server 12. For example, the employer can transmit to a specific IP (Internet Protocol) address, or can initiate a dialup connected to a specific telephone number and transmit billing information for that session without setting up a password. The server 12 is capable of storing employer's search requests, and periodically later repeating the search (update searching). Thus, additional entries matching the search parameters can be located in the event the database has been modified and contains new entries that satisfy the search parameters. On Performance? If the employer desires the ability to store search requests and perform update searches, he or she will be required by the server 12 to obtain a user name and phd thesis antioxidant password, so the employer can be identified by the server in a subsequent connection session. The server 12 is paper siegfried, also capable of suspending execution of a search request upon receiving a suspend request from the employer's client machine, and of resuming the search at a later time upon receiving a resume request from the employer's client machine 138. For example, the employer may view the summary information for activity, a certain number of hits (entries that satisfy the research siegfried othmer, search parameters) and wish to take a break before more closely studying the antioxidant, results, or before looking at less relevant matches. Again, if the employer desires the ability to suspend and essay book report later resume search requests, he or she will be required by the server 12 to phd thesis, obtain a user name and essay to kill a mockingbird password, so the employer can be identified by the server 12 in a subsequent connection session.

The server further comprises vocabulary assistance capability for assisting an applicant in filling form 30, or for activity, assisting an employer in formulating a search request using form 136. The vocabulary assistance routine provides to the applicant's or employer's client machine alternative terminology which can be selected for filling the form 30 or the form 136. An example of Computing on Mobile devices, vocabulary assistance is illustrated in FIG. 6. If the applicant or employer requests vocabulary assistance while filling the job title field 72 (e.g., by pressing a vocabulary assistance button 146 or 148 while the cursor of the phd thesis activity, machine 26 or 138 is in field 72), alternative terms to those filled in the field will be presented (e.g., by on performance, presenting a menu, such as a pop-up menu, to the machine 26 or 138). The applicant or employer can then select alternative terminology from the menu, which will then be added in antioxidant activity the field.

Alternatively, instead of using the vocabulary assistance while initially filling the appraisal, form 136, an employer may be dissatisfied with the results of a search, and may then return to the form 136 and initiate vocabulary assistance on one or more of the fields. The vocabulary assistance routine of the server 12 preferably learns related terms over time. The vocabulary assistance routine can operate in a manner similar to spell check routines found in word processing programs. The server also sends reminders to applicants, after some time has passed, that they should update their summary information and graphics files. This can be via e-mail, or any other desired manner. FIGS. 8A, 8B, 9-11, 12A, 12B, and 13 define a flow chart illustrating operation of a system according to one embodiment of the invention. At step S1, a determination is made as to whether a client has connected to the system.

If so, the system proceeds to step S2; if not, the phd thesis, system proceeds to step S7. At step S2, the server sends a main menu to the connected client, and requests a selection. After performing step S2, the system proceeds to step S3. At step S3, a determination is made as to whether the user selected to enter new applicant data. If so, the system proceeds to step S12; if not, the system proceeds to step S4. At step S4, a determination is made as to whether the book report, user selected to update existing applicant data. If so, the system proceeds to step S25; if not, the system proceeds to step S5. At step S5, a determination is made as to phd thesis activity, whether the user selected to begin a new search of applicants. If so, the system proceeds to step S34; if not, the system proceeds to on Mobile devices, step S6.

At step S6, a determination is made as to whether the user selected to phd thesis antioxidant, continue a previously suspended search of applicants. If so, the system proceeds to step S29; if not, the system proceeds to step S64. At step S7, a determination is made as to whether it is books essay, time for an applicant to update the phd thesis activity, information they have provided to Cloud, the server, If so, the system proceeds to step S8; if not, the activity, system proceeds to essay, step S9. At step S8, the server notifies applicants that it is recommended that they update their resume information. After performing step S8, the system proceeds to step S9. At step S9, a determination is made as to whether it is time to continue suspended searches. If so, the system proceeds to step S10; if not, the system proceeds to step S11. At step S10, suspended searches are performed. After performing step S10, the system proceeds to phd thesis antioxidant, step S11. At step S11, a determination is made as to whether the operator of the system has requested a system shutdown (for maintenance, or some other reason). Essay Report? If so, the system shuts down; if not, the system proceeds to step S1.

At step S12, a new applicant identification number is assigned by the server, and the server sends to the client a request for antioxidant activity, a selection of essay book, a password After performing step S12, the phd thesis, system proceeds to step S13. At step S13, the system receives a response from the client. After performing step S13, the banning in school, system proceeds to step S14. At step S14, the server prepares an phd thesis antioxidant empty resume outline form. After performing step S14, the system proceeds to step S15. At step S15, the server sends the resume outline form to the connected client, and essay to kill a mockingbird requests that the applicant fill out the form. After performing step S15, the system proceeds to step S16. At step S16, the server receives the response from the client. After performing step S16, the system proceeds to step S17.

At step S17, a determination is phd thesis antioxidant, made as to whether the client requested vocabulary assistance. If so, the system proceeds to step S18; if not, the system proceeds to step S19. At step S18, the requested vocabulary assistance information is added to the resume outline form. An example of vocabulary assistance is shown in FIG. 6. For example, if an applicant has listed cellular and satellite in the job title field, and requests vocabulary assistance for the job title field, the server will generate a list of alternative terms such as development, firmware, software, and systems, and will transmit that list to pyramus essay questions, the applicant's client machine, The client can then select any of the listed vocabulary assistance terms for addition to the job title field. Vocabulary assistance is available for antioxidant, many of the fields on the outline form. Cloud Computing? After performing step S18, the system proceeds to activity, step S15. At step S19, the pyramus and thisbe essay questions, server stores the information filled in the resume outline form in the database After performing step S19, the system proceeds to step S20.

At step S20, the server sends to the client a list of available resume image reception methods and requests that the applicant select a method. After performing step S20, the system proceeds to step S21. At step S21, the server receives the response from the client After performing step S21, the system proceeds to step S22. At step S22, the server prepares to receive the resume image from the client using the selected reception method. After performing step S22, the system proceeds to step S23.

At step S23, the server receives the antioxidant activity, resume image. After performing step S23, the system proceeds to step S24. At step S24, the server stores the research paper othmer, resume image in the database. After performing step S24, the activity, system proceeds to step S2. At step S25, the essay a mockingbird innocence, system sends to the client a message requesting an applicant identification (user name) and password.

After performing step S25, the system proceeds to step S26. At step S26, the server receives and verifies the password and ID. After performing step S26, the system proceeds to step S27. At step S27, the server retrieves the existing resume outline information from the database for this applicant. Antioxidant Activity? After performing step S27, the system proceeds to step S28. At step S28, the server fills the empty resume outline form with the outline information retrieved from the database After performing step S28, the system proceeds to S15. At step S29, the server sends to the client a message requesting a client ID (user name) and password. After performing step S29, the system proceeds to step S30. At step S30, the server receives and by dr siegfried verifies the ID and password. After performing step S30, the antioxidant activity, system proceeds to step S31.

At step S31, the server sends to the client a list of this client's suspended searches and book report requests that the client make a selection. After performing step S31, the system proceeds to step S32. At step S32, the server receives the selection from the phd thesis antioxidant, client. After performing step S32, the system proceeds to step S33. At step S33, the server fills the empty resume outline form with selected search criteria for the suspended search which was selected for execution. After performing step S33, the pyramus essay, system proceeds to step S35.

At step S34, the server prepares an empty resume outline form. After performing step S34, the system proceeds to step S35. At step S35, the server sends an outline form to phd thesis, the client and requests that the client return the form with desired search criteria. After performing step S35, the system proceeds to step S36. At step S36, the pyramus essay questions, server receives the response from the client After performing step S36, the server proceeds to step S37. At step S37, a determination is made as to whether the client requested vocabulary assistance. If so, the system proceeds to phd thesis antioxidant, step S45; if not, the in school libraries essay, system proceeds to step S38. At step S38, a determination is made as to whether the antioxidant, client requested suspension of the search. If so, the system proceeds to step S46; if not, the system proceeds to step S39.

At step S39, the server searches the database of existing resume outline information After performing step S39, the term appraisal, system proceeds to step S40. At step S40, the antioxidant activity, server summarizes compliant resume outlines, sends the summarized outlines to the client, and requests desired action. For example, the desired action can be a request that the employer select whether to modify the search, or to view a entire (not summarized) outline satisfying the search parameters. Term Papers Appraisal? After performing step S40, the system proceeds to step S41. At step S41, the server receives the phd thesis, response from the client. After performing step S41, the essay book, system proceeds to step S42. At step S42, a determination is made as to whether the client chose to modify the search criteria.

If so, the system proceeds to step S35; if not, the system proceeds to step S43. At step S43, a determination is made as to phd thesis antioxidant activity, whether the client chose to view an entire outline. If so, the system proceeds to step S44; if not, the system proceeds to step S40. At step S44, the server sends to the client a list of available resume outline delivery methods, and request selection by the client. After performing step S44, the system proceeds to step S49.

At step S45, requested vocabulary assistance is added to the resume outline form. After performing step S45, the system proceeds to step S35. At step S46, the server sends to the client a request for client ID (user name) and research paper by dr siegfried othmer password. After performing step S46, the system proceeds to phd thesis antioxidant activity, step S47. At step S47, the server receives and essay a mockingbird innocence verifies the phd thesis, client ID and password. Papers On Performance? After performing step S47, the system proceeds to step S48. At step S48, the server stores the search criteria. After performing step S48, the system proceeds to step S2. At step S49, the server receives the phd thesis activity, response from the questions, client. Phd Thesis Activity? After performing step S49, the essay questions, system proceeds to step S50. At step S50, the server sends a complete resume outline to activity, the client.

By complete resume outline, what is by dr siegfried othmer, meant is non-summarized information, in activity a format such as is in school libraries, shown in FIG. 3, except with contact information suppressed. After performing step S50, the system proceeds to step S51. At step S51, a determination is made as to whether the client chose to phd thesis antioxidant, purchase the resume image associated with the resume outline that matched the search criteria. Questions? If so, the system proceeds to step S52; if not, the system proceeds to step S40. At step S52, the server sends to the client a message asking if the employer has an phd thesis antioxidant activity existing account, After performing step S52, the term on performance appraisal, system proceeds to step S53. At step S53, the server receives the response from the antioxidant activity, client. After performing step S53, the system proceeds to Computing devices, step S54. At step S54, a determination is made as to whether the client indicated that employer does have an existing account. If so, the system proceeds to step S55; if not, the phd thesis antioxidant activity, system proceeds to step S61. At step S55, the server sends to the client a request for account ID and password.

After performing step S55, the system proceeds to to kill a mockingbird innocence, step S56. At step S56, the server receives and verifies the response. After performing step S56, the system proceeds to activity, step S57. At step S57, the server sends to the client a list of essay book report, available resume image delivery methods, and phd thesis requests selection of one of those methods. After performing step S57, the system proceeds to step S58. At step S58, the server receives the response from the client. After performing step S58, the system proceeds to step S59. At step S59, the server retrieves the resume image from the database.

After performing step S59, the by dr othmer, system proceeds to step S60. At step S60, the server delivers the resume image to the client via the method selected by the employer After performing step S60, the system proceeds to step S40. At step S61, the server sends to the client a request for a credit card or other billing information. After performing step S61, the system proceeds to step S62. At step S62, the server receives the response from the client.

After performing step S62, the phd thesis antioxidant, system proceeds to step S63. At step S63, a determination is essay questions, made as to whether the client's billing information can be confirmed by a bank or other appropriate financial institution. If so, the system proceeds to step S57; if not, the system proceeds to antioxidant activity, step S52. At step S64, a determination is made as to whether there has been inactivity for a mockingbird, too long of a time. If so, the system proceeds to step S65; if not, the system proceeds to step S2. At step S65, any searches that are in progress are suspended, and the connection is terminated with respect to this client. In compliance with the statute, the invention has been described in language more or less specific as to structural and methodical features.

It is to be understood, however, that the invention is not limited to the specific features shown and phd thesis antioxidant described, since the means herein disclosed comprise preferred forms of putting the invention into effect. The invention is, therefore, claimed in any of its forms or modifications within the proper scope of the appended claims appropriately interpreted in accordance with the doctrine of equivalents.

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Sample Paper About “Revenge and Hypocrisy and Betreyal” The play Jew of Malta, describes the tragic end of Barabas, a Jewish leading role, who sought revenge against antioxidant, the governor of Malta for taking away all his wealth. By Dr! The city of Malta is phd thesis antioxidant activity depicted as full of corruption and pyramus and thisbe questions religious hypocrisy. The Christians in this city can also be argued to be hypocrites therefore, making Jews hating on activity them and full of vengeance against them. The church in this play does not separate from political dealings. As a result, Barabas one of the Jew, hates them with passion and plots murder, deceit and betrayal in banning books libraries essay order to finish all his enemies. All the phd thesis antioxidant activity, characters in the play are portrayed as unsympathetic and papers on performance appraisal always torturing a victim. In the city of antioxidant activity Malta, all men betray each other in order to paper by dr othmer, gain profit for activity, themselves. The governor and political system in this city is depicted as corrupt and hypocritical by innocence, forcing only the Jews to pay taxes of the whole city. Anti -Semitism can be argued to be the main reason why all evil is happening in this city. Phd Thesis Activity! Ferneze the research siegfried othmer, governor collects money from all Jews but refused to pay when the activity, Turks came for their demand thereby, showing how the officials have been controlled by greed and corruption.

Just like other cities marred with bad moral the on performance appraisal, servant connived with prostitutes in this play to steal from their boss Barabas. This research will analyze into details whether the themes of revenge, betrayal, and Hypocrisy in the play are intertwined with the dangers of anti-Semitism. The theme of revenge is described all over the play as Barabas sought vengeances for the loss of his wealth. Is anti-Semitism the cause of Barabas losing his gold? Revenge was provoked first by antioxidant activity, the Governor of Malta, Ferneze and book the Knights when they impounded on all the wealth of Barabas. There was tribute demand from activity Malta that had remained unpaid for over ten years to the Turks. The governor decided to extract money from the Jews only and term papers on performance appraisal the option they had was to either convert to Christianity or pay half of their wealth. Since Barabas refused to convert and had initially refused to part with his wealth terming Christians religion full of thieves, his wealth was confiscated. Barabas was hurt and for this reason, he set out to revenge against the governor Ferneze for losing his gold he states “I am not of the phd thesis, tribe of Levi, / that can so soon forget an injury”. It can be argued that clearly the hate between Christians and the Jews was visible and the stereotype of Jews being greedy business men cannot be emphasize as Barabas first refused to part with half of his wealth like the other Jews . In fact the play starts with Barabas counting his gold and inquiring whether the pyramus essay questions, shipped merchandise is safe. It can be argued that it is true how Barabas preferred to honored for being wealthy than be pitied for being a poor Christian.

Jews are also known for being treacherous since the phd thesis activity, time of Cloud crucifixion when Judas betrayed Jesus at the last supper for money. This stereotype stills exists and can be depicted in this play. Barabas had a huge desire for phd thesis, his gold and even had to craft ways to get hold of the hidden money in his house. His greed is inevitable and the loss of gold resulted into violence and death of innocent people. Anti -Semitism can be argued to be the main reason why revenge is happening in this city. Ferneze the paper siegfried othmer, governor collects money from all Jews but refused to pay when the Turks came for antioxidant, their demand thereby, showing how the devices, officials have been controlled by phd thesis antioxidant, greed and corruption. The Jews are also known to be revengeful and pay an eye for an eye. For this reason, Barabas longed for power to report, deal with all his enemies.

Barabas later killed Lodowick the son of governor Ferneze; with the antioxidant, main reason being the loss of all his wealth. This can also be argued as the effect of the hate between the Jews and the Christians. It is in the process of taking vengeance that Barabas kills innocent lives including that of Abigail, his own daughter. By killing his own daughter because she also betrayed him by implicating his father on the murder of his lover Mathias and Lodowick, this shocked the audience. Abigail, the daughter of Barabas, also pledged to revenge against the Christians who had seized the wealth and house of his father and appraisal turned it into activity a nunnery. As the play develops, Barabas seems to and thisbe, enjoy executing his schemes and the desire for revenge thus spirals rapidly out of control. Phd Thesis Antioxidant Activity! Barabas also vows revenge on term appraisal Ithamore for trying to steal from him. In the end, he was poisoned together with the others. Phd Thesis Activity! Barabas is the main avenger in this play and even at the end of banning books libraries this play he dies trying to revenge against all those who betrayed him. The Turks can also be seen as seeking revenge against the whole island of Malta because the governor collected the money but refused to surrender it to them.

With the help of Barabas after he was thrown out of the city after faking death they succeeded. Activity! On the other hand, Jews are known to be persecuted and face hostility in many countries. This play may have shed light more on this by highlighting the dangers faced by Jew living in Malta. It can be argued that the author of this play wanted to show the hostility faced by most Jews (McAdam 87). In this play, the church as well as the Christianity religion is depicted as hypocritical. In this church, Christian’s values and political dealing are not separate. The church can be argued to promote anti-Semitism. Barabas terms the to kill a mockingbird, Christians as hypocrites who are envious of his wealth and success in addition to being persecutors of his people, the Jews.

He can’t see why anyone would choose to be a Christian and states “For I can see no fruits in all their faith”. This can be argued as a clear sign of the hatred between the Christians and Jews. Phd Thesis Activity! Barabas accuse Christians of talking about righteous but not practicing it rather they do the opposite. In the nunnery, Barabas presumes that the sins committed by the Christians are visible especially with the nuns who increase in number due to pregnancy. The Christianity religion is also accused of hiding numerous mischiefs which are not suspected by and thisbe, the public. For this reason, Abigail is able to pretend to be a nun in order to gain access to their home which had been seized and transformed into a nunnery. Barabas further states that the Christians use their religion as an excuse to do extort and commit evil while quoting the bible as the same time. The Catholic Church in this play engages in actions that can be termed as unchristian such as Tax levy of an phd thesis antioxidant activity, entire city being paid by a fraction of the inhabitants. The governor, Ferneze and the friars pretend to stand for the ways of the church and follow law of the land. However, their hypocrisy is later revealed in the play that they are more corrupt than Barabas.

The friars are portrayed as having a strong desire for gold and sex. On the other hand, Ferneze and the officers used power and position to satisfy their selfish gains and even stealing in the name of religion. They demanded that the Jews should pay the long overdue tribute demanded by the Turks. On Mobile! This shows that the Christians were anti-Semitic and hated the Jews. Therefore, the governor gave orders that the Jews must either convert to Christianity or part with half of his wealth. Barabas is infuriated since all his wealth is gone and calls Christians thieves. Antioxidant! Ultimately, Ferneze as a hypocrite collects money from all Jews but refused to pay when the Turks came for their demand (Margaret 47). On the research, other hand, Barabas is also revealed as a hypocritical opportunist who had committed crimes in order gain his wealth.

He states that he “Kill sick people groaning under walls: Sometimes I go about and poison wells”. This is antioxidant hypocritical and shows Barabas as a criminal who can do anything to gain wealth. Barabas and his servant Ithamore killed one of the friars Barnardine who came to convert him to Christianity after the betrayal by his daughter. The two later laid blame on Jacomo who they turned over to the authorities. Essay A Mockingbird! The character Ferneze the Malta governor, is also depicted as hypocrite Christian who lack the Christians values and phd thesis antioxidant morals such as love, forgiveness and mercy. In fact, he informs all the Jews that they must taxed heavily and pay the overdue tribute with half of essay their wealth. It can be noted that the activity, Christians hate the in school, Jews and the other way round. Barabas stated that their suffering and afflictions in phd thesis antioxidant activity that city was as a result of curse from God. Research By Dr Siegfried Othmer! Barabas the rich Jew, challenged the governor of Malta who was a Christian whether their religion was based on theft since the so called Christians justify the taking away of Barabas gold by antioxidant, portraying him as cursed and sinful. In the Jew of Malta, each character justifies their brutality to other by citing religion.

Barabas calls Christians as hypocrites who deserve to be killed by Muslims. To avoid punishment by the authority Barabas feigned his death by drinking a sedative concoction. Abigail was loyal to papers on performance appraisal, his father and can be termed as hypocritical by agreeing to disguise herself into a nun in order to gain access to the wealth of his father which was hidden under the floor boards. Phd Thesis Antioxidant Activity! Barabas ended up killing his daughter’s lover Mathias, because he was a Christian. In this play, many chances for betrayal are common. Essay Innocence! Barabas stated that the phd thesis antioxidant, governor of Malta Ferneze betrayed him by taking all his gold and thus, had set out to seek revenge against him. He said “I hope to see the governor a slave”. Barabas daughter, Abigail felt betrayed when his father murdered the love of his life Mathias. She became very frustrated with Barabas and went back to the convent. Barabas thought that his daughter betrayed him by going back there and being converted to a Christian and vowed to disinherit her.

As a result, he makes his slave Ithamore his only heir. This is also a sign of betrayal when the father gives his inheritance to a slave rather than to her only daughter. Barabas kills his own daughter together with other nuns by poisoning them. He termed the death of his daughter as a personal betrayal and denied that he could never think of being a Christian. This can also be seen when Ferneze asked him to banning books in school libraries, be a Christian and replied that he can never be a converted. Abigail is also portrayed in this play as betraying his father by reporting him as the murderer of both Lodowick and Mathias to the priest before she died. After the betrayal by Abigail, the friars turned up to convert Barabas to Christianity and him being such a hypocrite tried to play games on the two of them who ended up fighting over who had the rightful claims of converting Barabas. However, Barabas and his servant Ithamore killed one of the friars Barnardine and lay the activity, blame on Jacomo who they later tried to turn over to the authorities. The servant who had been made the only heir Ithamore also tried to betray his boss by trying to steal from him together with Bellamira, a Courtesan. Ithamore betrayed his boss by blackmailing him in order to have the money. He also revealed all the banning essay, crimes they had done together with his boss.

Barabas seek revenge and antioxidant poison all three with poisoned flowers. However, in the last act the governor is furnished with all the crimes that Ithamore and Barabas had committed and order their arrest. Anti -Semitism can be argued to be the main reason why betrayal is happening in this city. And Thisbe! Ferneze the governor collects money from all Jews but refused to activity, pay when the Turks came for their demand thereby, showing how the officials have been controlled by greed and corruption. Later in this play, we can see that Barabas betrayed the city of Malta to the Turks who later made him the governor.

After feigning his death to avoid punishment from the authority he was thrown out of the city and from there he sought revenge against all Malta. To Kill A Mockingbird Innocence! He helped the phd thesis activity, Turks enter the protected city. However, due to his evil schemes and wicked virtue of betrayal his down fall came as he plotted to destroy the Turkish commander together with their soldiers by papers appraisal, inviting them to a feast where the floor will collapse. Unfortunately, he is also betrayed and dies in his own cauldron. When he helped them he was made a governor but said to himself that no one could accept him coz they all hates him and phd thesis antioxidant his life is in danger.

This can be argued that Jews cannot expect to gain political power and maintain their Jewish identity. He himself in the play conceded that Jews cannot make kings because their population is sparse and research can only depend on Christians to rule them. The play Jew of Malta is phd thesis antioxidant a tragic end of Barabas, a Jewish character who vowed revenge against all his enemies. Since time immemorial Jews have been known to revenge in order to gain acceptance in the society. To accomplish this he plots murder, deceit and betrayal in order to finish all of them. The first revenge was against Governor of essay to kill a mockingbird innocence Malta Ferneze who impounded on antioxidant activity all of his wealth and papers on performance seized his house which was turned into a nunnery. He killed Lodowick the son of governor. Barabas hates Christianity and refused to convert and later he took it as a betrayal when his daughter converted into Christianity. The process of taking vengeance saw Barabas kills innocent lives including that of Abigail, his daughter. It seems he enjoyed executing his schemes and the desire for antioxidant activity, revenge thus spirals rapidly out of control.

Barabas is the main avenger in this play however, at the end of books this play he dies trying to revenge against all those who betrayed him. Abigail also pledged to revenge against the Christians who had seized the wealth and house of his father and turned it into a nunnery (Bevington 56). Finally, it can be argued that this city is antioxidant filled with corruption and religious hypocrisy resulting to hate between Christians and paper Jews. The Jews cannot even have a political office because the whole city hates them. Christopher Marlowe brings out all the phd thesis antioxidant, characters as unsympathetic and pyramus and thisbe always torturing a victim. In the city of Malta all men betray each other in order to gain profit for themselves. Although Barabas can be argued to be selfish and greedy for phd thesis, money, it can be argued that the city in Cloud devices which he resides is anti-Semitic and both the Jews and Christians hate each other. On the phd thesis, other hand, Jews are known to be persecuted and face hostility in many countries. This play may have shed light more on this by report, highlighting the dangers faced by Jew living in Malta. It can be argued that the author of this play wanted to show the phd thesis activity, hostility faced by most Jews.

Christians are portrayed as hypocrites and envious of the wealth and success of Jews population. Killing own daughter for the sake of this hatred can be viewed as shocking. Though Barabas brags about doing all those evils because he is Jewish I think that this is not the true representation of all Jews. Christianity religion is accused of hiding numerous mischiefs such as extorting money and commit evil while quoting the bible as the same time. However, their hypocrisy is later revealed in the play that they are more corrupt than Barabas. Vengeance is Cloud on Mobile devices a stereotype of Jews and this theme can be argued to be elicited from the dangers of anti-Semitism. This play portrays Jews as bad people who kill innocent people carelessly without any human feelings. They are thought to be cursed and sinful in nature.

The other theme of antioxidant betrayal is common. It can be argued that Jews are known for betrayal kills his own daughter just because he hates Christians. Essay To Kill A Mockingbird Innocence! Barabas he termed the death of his daughter as a personal betrayal and denied that he could never think of being a Christian. Anti -Semitism can be argued to be the main reason why all evil is happening in this city. Ferneze the phd thesis antioxidant activity, governor collects money from and thisbe essay questions all Jews but refused to pay when the Turks came for their demand thereby, showing how the officials have been controlled by greed and corruption.

In summary, this paper has analyzed the themes of revenge, betrayal, and hypocrisy in the play and concluded that they are intertwined with the dangers of anti-Semitism in the Jew of Malta.

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College Essay: Boston University (Accepted, Non-Honors, Non-Scholarship) Supplemental essays for phd thesis Boston University. The former essay is for the Kilachand Honors College. Innocence! The latter is for the BU Trustee#8217;s Scholarship. I won neither. It didn#8217;t help that I missed the deadline for the Trustee#8217;s Scholarship application. Phd Thesis Antioxidant! In no more than 250 words, please tell us why BU is a good fit for you and what specifically has led you to apply for admission. BU emphasizes a multidisciplinary educationhere, students learn a bit of everything.

There’s an engineering school, a communications school, a fine arts school, andof coursethe Kilachand Honors College. And I want to learn a bit of everything. Being an engineer won’t stop me from, say, writing video game music, teaching writing, or working to and thisbe essay questions, alleviate urban poverty. I want to antioxidant activity, attend a school that allows, no, encourages me to explore the world outside my major. After all, technology alone doesn’t improve the worldpeople with technology do. Pyramus! The Kilachand Honors College takes on big questions in the arts, sciences, and professions that go beyond the classroom. Phd Thesis Activity! Write an essay of 600 words or less in essay report response to the following issue: Which corrupts more, power or powerlessness? There is no question about phd thesis antioxidant, which corrupts more. Corruption from excessive power and to kill innocence, corruption from lack of power are simply two manifestations of the same drive: the obsessive want for money, control, and status. The difference is that those corrupted by power already have power, whereas those corrupted by phd thesis antioxidant activity lack of power do not have power.

In both scenarios, people utilize their abilities to increase what power they have. Essay A Mockingbird Innocence! However, obsessives in antioxidant power have greater abilities to increase their power and essay book, greater capacity to harm society. Activity! Corruption by and thisbe questions lack of power generally manifests itself as despair, disenfranchisement, andat its extremelashing out, but of these, only lashing out leads to violence. Despair is antioxidant, a quiet self-destruction. Although it is a tragedy, the final body count never exceeds one. Disenfranchisement, when people give up on wanting any power at all, poses danger only when it pervades an entire population. One disenfranchised person is a deadbeat, not a threat. Lashing out, when individuals attempt to take power by force, is the term papers on performance appraisal, most dangerous result of powerlessness, as exemplified by mass shootings and terrorist attacks.

But although such acts of violence hurt and kill, the destruction is generally limited to small spaces, be it a Colorado theater or a Jerusalem synagogue. But when people in power obsessively desire more power, their stories quickly turn to oppression and bloodshed. History is replete with such infamous characters, from Maximilien Robespierre to phd thesis activity, Kim-Il Sung to term papers on performance appraisal, Bashar al-Assad. Although there are some exceptions, most leaders with unhealthy doses of phd thesis, power develop both greed for more power and fear of essay a mockingbird innocence, losing it. They erect palaces like Versailles, and activity, buy excesses like Hosni Mubarak’s name-pinstriped suit. They consolidate power by commandeering SS divisions and removing Trotskys. They control their citizens with propaganda, tear gas, labor camps, and Cultural Revolutions. And they spearhead the killing of millions by crushing dissent, sparking wars, and committing genocides.

Whether or not individuals have power, desire for more power can harm their morality and even their sanity. And no matter how equitable society becomes, some people will attempt to obsessively consolidate powerwhether out of greed or delusion. Arguing about at which point such greed and delusion corrupt an pyramus and thisbe questions, individual most is immaterial. The more important question is how to phd thesis activity, minimize the damage such people can cause. Proponents of cognitive enhancement–the use of “smart pills,” deep brain stimulation with electrodes, brain-to-computer interfaces, and the like–describe a future with smarter, more productive, and higher achieving individuals. Critics of the vision voice ethical concerns about such technologies, as well as the social and professional consequences for those who cannot afford or choose not to use them. In your view, should cognitive enhancements be widely available? (600 words) Yes, cognitive enhancements, once they prove safe and Cloud on Mobile, effective, should be widely available.

They will not spawn a socioeconomic apocalypse, as some think. In fact, they will affect our society in the same way as cell phones. Both of these technologies improve latent human abilities. Cell phones give us the phd thesis, superhuman ability to talk to anyone from anywhere, and their successors, smartphones, give us portable windows to all of human knowledge. Essay! A hypothetical cognitive enhancement would be just the activity, next evolution of technological superpowers, mere extensions of the glass-and-plastic slabs in our pockets right now. The early attempts at pyramus and thisbe questions such technologies are always prohibitively expensive, but costs drop with time. Today, basic cell phones in phd thesis India cost about $15, which is 3% of the cost of a flip phone in report 2005 and 0.375% the cost of the first commercial cell phone in phd thesis activity 1984. In 2007, an iPhone cost $500, but now, people can buy far more powerful smartphones for $100. The same phenomenon would happen to any sort of cognitive enhancement. The first iteration will be prohibitively expensive, but after a few years, the technology will permeate the pyramus and thisbe essay, middle class.

And soon after, even developing markets could afford it. Technology becomes more robust, more powerful, and more affordable by the month. Why would brain-boosting technology be any different? Of course, such devices would give those who can afford it an advantage over those who cannot. But again, how is phd thesis antioxidant, that different from existing technology? Sure, the first cell phones gave the rich a leg up, but now, almost everyone has that advantage. Unlike tax money, technological advancements do trickle down, so as the rich get richer, the to kill a mockingbird, poor also get richer. And honestly, if these enhancements are electronic, a Chinese OEM would quickly put out low-cost version of the product, and if they are pills, an antioxidant activity, Indian pharmaceutical company would do so instead. There a lot of people who would buy a low-cost emulation of a popular product, and someone will take on that market. And those who refuse to use brain-enhancements will be analogous to the multitudes who turn off their cell phones today. Essay! There are always communities who decry the latest technology, so people who do not take brain-enhancements will not be alone.

The argument against brain-enhancements is that they will somehow create an apocalyptic divide between those who do use them and those who do not. But such a product would simply be the next technological advance, like the radio, the television, or the phd thesis activity, cell phone. None of essay a mockingbird, those devices significantly widened inequalityif anything, they reduced inequality. So why would the next device be any different?

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Contemporary art does not account for that which is taking place. The term “contemporary art” is marked by an excessive usefulness. The contemporary has exceeded the specificity of the present to become inextricably linked to the growth of doubt consolidation. At the same time, it has absorbed a particular and resistant grouping of interests, all of which have become the multiple specificities of the antioxidant contemporary. The tendency is for artists to Cloud on Mobile devices, deny that they are part of something that is recognized and defined by others. Frustrations here are always unique. Donald Judd did not identify himself as a minimalist.

Yet “contemporary art” activates denial in antioxidant activity a specifically new way. It does not describe a practice but a general “being in the context.” The people who leave graduate level studio programs are contemporary artists—that much is banning in school essay, clear. They represent the subjective artist operating within a terrain of the general. Yet we now find that the meaning of contemporary art is being redefined by phd thesis antioxidant a new art historical focus upon its products, ideas, and projections. That means we are going through a phase in which—whether we like it or not—it is quite likely that a new terminology and means of delineation will be proposed. Cloud Computing. It is therefore necessary—for artists specifically (although never alone)—to engage with this process of re-describing what gets made now. What constitutes the image of the contemporary? And what does the contemporary produce other than a complicit alongsideness?

“Contemporary art” has historically implied a specific accommodation of a loose set of phd thesis open-minded economic and political values that are mutable, global, and Cloud on Mobile, general—sufficing as an all-encompassing description of “that which is being made now—wherever.” But the flexibility of contemporary art as a term is no longer capable of encompassing all dynamic current art, if only because an increasing number of artists seek to radically differentiate their work from other art. In a recent essay I attempted therefore to re-term contemporary art as “current art,” as a way of phd thesis antioxidant dropping the papers appraisal association with the contemporary of design and architecture and simply find a term that could contain the phd thesis activity near future and recent past of engaged art production rather than an evocative post-modernististic inclusion of singular practices. 1 However, this new adjusted definition also does not suffice as a description that can effectively include all the work that is being made with the essay book intention of resisting the flexibility of phd thesis antioxidant contemporary work. It is increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that the by dr siegfried othmer definition contemporary art has been taken up by such apparently mutually exclusive arenas as auction houses and new art history departments as a way to talk about phd thesis activity a generalization that always finds its articulation as a specificity or set of subjectivities that no longer include those who work hard to evade its reach. Contemporary art has become historical, a subject for academic work. The Fall 2009 issue of October magazine on the question of the contemporary tended to focus on the academicization of report contemporary art while acknowledging extensively the existing unease that many artists have with being characterized within a stylistic epoch. Hal Foster noted that the magazine received very few replies from curators to his questionnaire. 2 This could be due to phd thesis, the October issue coinciding with the end of the Cloud on Mobile devices usefulness of the term “contemporary art” for most progressive artists and curators—or at least with the reluctance of more and more to identify with it—while remaining a convenient generalizing term for many institutions and exchange structures including auction houses, galleries and art history departments, all of whom are struggling to identify the implications of their use of the term—some more than others, of course. The dilemma of phd thesis contemporary art, for the purposes of this text, actually refers to the period between 1973 and 2008, rather than the research paper siegfried post-1945 definition common in Western museums. This is in an attempt to avoid what might be called the “late modern” period, where the legacy of modernist arguments is antioxidant activity, still the primary term of reference.

By 1973 we find ourselves already operating within an institutional context of contemporary art museums and art centers while reflections on the reductive and conceptual endgames of the 1960s have given way to a new set of debates about on Mobile devices performance, video, and phd thesis antioxidant, institutional critique. There will follow an report attempt to describe the current understanding of the term “contemporary art” and the way it is deployed towards the creation of phd thesis activity a space of inclusion and potential. Workers at the New Museum installing an Urs Fischer work. Photo: Thomas Rennie. The contemporary is necessarily inclusive—a generalization that has shifted towards becoming an accusation. Is there the possibility of merely saying “I make work now”? Contemporary art is a phrase that lends itself to being written and told without being said. It is by dr siegfried othmer, always “everyone else.” It would only work to stop saying the term if people had been saying it all along.

It is as rare to antioxidant activity, hear an artist describe himself or herself as a contemporary artist as it is to hear an architect tell you that he or she is a contemporary architect. This sense of the unsaid has emphasized the Cloud role of the contemporary as a loose binding term that is always pointing away from itself rather than a term articulated and rethought from the center. That is the reason for its durability and stifling redundancy. So what is contemporary about contemporary art? Does art itself point to the term or vice versa? What?s going on? Have people forgotten to phd thesis activity, ask artists if they are contemporary artists? One answer is that the term is a convenient generalization that does not lend itself to reflection and constant rethinking in the manner of pyramus essay established theoretical terms such as Postmodernism. It allows a separation from the phd thesis act of making or doing art and the way it is then presented, explained and exchanged.

Both artists and curators can find a space in the gap between these two moments where they are temporarily considering an exceptional case with every new development or addition to the contemporary inventory. Yet, an inventory of art spaces alone, for example, cannot help us find a categorization of participation within the realm of the contemporary. The question is how to categorize art today in Cloud devices a way that will exceed the contemporary. The inclusiveness of the contemporary is under attack, as this very inclusiveness has helped suppress a critique of what art is and more importantly what comes next. We know what comes next as things stand—more contemporary art. The installation—and by antioxidant activity association the exhibition itself—is the articulation of the contemporary.

Even paintings cannot escape this “installed” quality, the considered and particular installation of things and images, even when approached in a haphazard or off-hand manner. We all have an idea of what contemporary art represents while only knowing the specifics of research by dr othmer any particular instance. It is this knowing what it means via evoking a particular that pushes people towards an attempt to transcend this generality. There has been a proliferation of discussions and parallel practices that appear to operate in a semi-autonomous way alongside contemporary art. Phd Thesis Antioxidant. They ignore it or take the work of the Cloud on Mobile devices contemporary as an example of what not to do. Activity. Recent focus upon the documentary, educational models, and engaged social collaborations have attempted to establish and describe new relationships that operate outside and in opposition to the apparently loose boundaries of the contemporary. These are engaged structures that propose limits and boundaries and take over new territories, from the curatorial to the neo-institutional, in direct opposition to Cloud Computing devices, the loose assumptions of the contemporary (in both its instrumentalized and phd thesis, capitalized forms). A good example might be the Unitednationsplaza project in Berlin. A series of on performance appraisal discussions and phd thesis, lectures framed within the idea of an educational setting. Cloud Computing On Mobile. While the discussions and phd thesis antioxidant, lectures appeared to address the possibilities of art now there seemed very little anxiety about the on Mobile idea of actually bypassing the production of recognizable contemporary art forms. Antioxidant. The project itself was a melding of the curatorial, the artistic, and on performance appraisal, the academic towards the creation of a series of discursive scenarios that might defy not the commodification of art, but the absorption of phd thesis everything within the essay a mockingbird authoritarian tolerance of phd thesis contemporary production.

The mediation of one’s own practice creates moments of escape from the contemporary. Research By Dr Siegfried. Still, seeing this production of parallel knowledge creates a dilemma when it becomes the primary production of the contemporary artist. For even the “educational turn,” as figures such as Irit Rogoff and Paul O?Neill have termed it, quickly produces its own coding as part of the contemporary. Another key example of this production of nuanced contemporary aesthetics is the recent reassessment of the documentary, a tendency that must be re-examined for its claims to evade the contemporary. As Maria Lind pointed out, the documentary practices which we see now. are just as articulated in terms of structure, visuality, production, and protocol as any other relevant art of today. But they tend to be less formally seductive.

And yet they are as complex as some work that is known to be “complex.” The look of objectivity is activity, not objective, just as the look of commercial materials is not necessarily commercial. 3. The most effective thing about this documentary strategy has been that the artists do not offer resistance to the contemporary by taking themselves out of the equation—even when they provide the narrative for escape. There is an implicit claim to objectivity that functions here as an aggressive option of neo-objectivity in essay to kill innocence the face of co-option. Without resisting that co-option structurally it becomes merely a way of antioxidant activity standing offstage waiting for the moment to enter. The documentary has become a way of avoiding the problem of de-sublimation in the face of excessive sublimation. It is a semi-autonomous location where everyone lives to fight another day at least. It is a place where there is still a them and us. A protest against the contemporary by refusing to acknowledge its scope. Art in this case has been formulated as a boycott of the essay subjective and has built barriers in the face of continuous and constant fragmentation. At best it has made exchange visible and created a new battle over what used to be called realism.

So, new consciousnesses around education and phd thesis, documentation provide glimmers of clarity within the inclusive terrain. Inclusion and exclusion suddenly become moments of clear choice—political consciousness starts to affect the notion of specific practice. Thinking about the on performance appraisal problem of contemporary art while producing new networks of activity that are marked by their resistance to contemporary art as a generality. It is the phd thesis lack of differentiation within the contemporary that leaves it as an open speculative terrain. This is what drives the banning discursive and the documentary as somewhat passive yet clearly urgent oppositions. A recent solution to the way the contemporary subdues differentiation has been to separate the notions of phd thesis activity artistic and other political engagements, so that there can be no misunderstanding that only the work itself, in all its manifestations, might be part of the “contemporary art context.” An example here would be Paul Chan, who has been described in biographies as an “artist and activist” in order to differentiate his engaged social function as a political agent from paper siegfried othmer, his work within galleries and phd thesis activity, museums. 4 We are aware that the activism feeds the art and the art feeds the activism, but in a distinct step away from the artists role in the shadow of conceptual art we find it is now necessary for many such as Chan to show that there is a limit or border to the embrace or effectiveness of contemporary art. Of course, there is a potential problem here in terms of papers appraisal how we might define activism, for example, along with the use of the documentary among progressive artists. Taking a term such as activism and combining it with an artistic practice that is clearly of the contemporary shows a tendency to phd thesis antioxidant activity, associate with earlier forms of certainty. Book Report. One form of a reluctant acceptance is phd thesis activity, that it is currently impossible to escape the hold of the contemporary, but it might be possible to separate life and action from contemporary art. In these cases, we continue to read the work through the hold of the contemporary in terms of what gets made but we do this via an understanding that there are these other daily social activities that are not part of the “contemporary art context”—they do not share its desires, projections, and by dr siegfried, results.

Philippe Parreno, Birthday Candles , 2007. The contemporary is phd thesis antioxidant activity, more successful within cities. It relates to the increasing deployment of contemporariness as a speculative terrain of lifestyle markers that include art. The contemporary implies a sophisticated sense of networking. On Performance. Making things with an awareness of all other things. Joining a matrix of partial signifiers “that will do.” The clear Oedipus complex to phd thesis antioxidant, kill those who came before has been transformed. Relativism in this case is merely defined by context and is a non-activated neo-political consciousness. Banning Essay. Within the contemporary there is a usefulness in all other forms of work. And there is phd thesis antioxidant, a paradox of an anti-relativism within the subjectivity of each artist and every artwork. Yet an in school essay increasingly radical anti-relativism shared by many causes unacknowledged tensions. The contemporary is marked by a display of self-knowledge, a degree of social awareness, some tolerance, and a little bit of phd thesis irony, all combined with an acknowledgment of the failure of modernism, or at least a respect for trying to come to pyramus and thisbe, terms with the memory of antioxidant something like that.

The contemporary necessarily restricts the sense in which you are looking for a breakthrough. An attempt to work is the papers on performance appraisal work itself. Antioxidant Activity. Unresolved is the better way, leaving a series of props that appear to work together—or will do for now. In this case no single work is everything you would ever want to do. This is the space of its dynamic contradiction. Hierarchy is dysfunctional and essay to kill, evaded by the contemporary, and therefore key political questions, whether ignored or included, are supplemented by irony and coy relations to notions of quality. The contemporary comes to terms with accommodation. Phd Thesis. Fundamental ideas are necessarily evaded. For the idiom of the contemporary still carries the lost memory of a democratization of questions skill.

Its grounding principles were based on universal potential. By your nature you are it by antioxidant activity taking the essay book decision to activity, announce yourself. It is easy to pyramus essay, “be”—just existing through work. Antioxidant Activity. The process functions in research by dr siegfried reverse sometimes as a coming-into-being through work. A place in the contemporary is established by a pursuit of contemporary art—not the other way around. Collective and documentary forms have attempted to escape, and to establish a hardcore, activist separation. Antioxidant Activity. A critique of anything and everything.

There has developed a need to essay to kill a mockingbird innocence, find a secondary ethics in order to establish a zone of difference. Tweaking tiny details and working as another character alongside the contemporary. For historically all profound “isms” in art were originated by artists—in the case of the contemporary the phd thesis activity artist is the originator of all subjectivities. But how can we avoid the post-contemporary becoming an historic nostalgia for the group or mere political identification? The basic assumption of the contemporary is that all we need is a place to books in school essay, show—to be part of and just towards the edge of contemporary art.

Everyone in this zone of the phd thesis antioxidant exhibited becomes the exception within the tableau. This leads to project-based strategies that paper over the neurosis of the exposed. Desire and drive and motivation are sublimated. Every project-based approach creates a hypothetical method that endorses the mutable collective. Seeing clearly combined with instinct moments and always building. All contributing to a matrix of existing forms and justifying them by essay report continued reappearance.

The work always projects into phd thesis activity the future while holding the recent past close at hand. It predicts the implications of itself and builds a bridge between the almost-known-but-half-forgotten and the soon-to-be-misunderstood. The contemporary artwork is research paper othmer, always answering questions about phd thesis antioxidant activity itself and all other contemporary art. It used to be said that art is like theoretical physics—a specialization with a small audience. It could have been a perfect research-based existence. Yet in a world where the contemporary artist is considered cynical you never meet an artist who completely gives up. The perceived lack of audience is transformed into layers of resistance—not to the work itself but to the encompassing whole.

The contemporary is therefore the place of dynamic contradiction where the pyramus questions individual work is never more than the total effect. No singular work has more value in terms of function than any other. The discourse of contemporary art revolves around itself. It has become impossible to be outside and therefore understood in terms of a separation. Antioxidant. There is always an on performance appraisal interest in showing something somewhere. Politics and biography have merged.

We are all tolerant of art that is rooted in specific stories. This is the inclusive zone where the artist plays his or her own perspective for a collective purpose. The drive is towards unhooking from who you are while simultaneously becoming only yourself. Some people can sleep with their eyes open. What does this process of antioxidant constantly discovering yourself actually do?

Is it a push for recognition? It creates exceptional individuals of globalization—“an aristocracy of labor,” as Shuddhabrata Sengupta put it. 5. Within the slightly proven of the contemporary we are left with rankings, museum shows, money, and newness as markers of something within its institutional forms. Working continues in a flow determined by economic conditions. And the obligation is to by dr siegfried, keep defending contemporary art in general even if you find it impossible.

There might be an attempt to describe the free flow of phd thesis antioxidant ideas within the inclusivity. To Kill A Mockingbird. Audiences create barriers and obstructions in a soft war of aesthetic tariffs that regulate flow and consensus. Tiny flows and antioxidant, minor disagreements mimic drive and resist the external. The painful flow of banning books life is sublimated. Change happens to other things but not within the realm of the contemporary. Boycotting everything is no longer an option; the strikes and protests will be included, too. The system is antioxidant activity, resistant. Moving against the stream is a problem, for it goes in book every direction. Neurotic work is the reward.

Something will happen. Excessive work is the contemporary struggle. Where capital is globalized it is necessary to be everywhere. Gathering to create exchange with people amid the evidence of the contemporary. For despite the fact that each language has its own rules and activity, gaps within it we find that it is impossible to find true contradiction within these boundaries. Where would we find this gap? A hardcore perspective is always tolerated, but who’s being upset and irritated? Bourgeois value and capitalism are comfortable with every iteration of the contemporary, they literally support it.

The contemporary offers a specific tangent with a narrative. No longer does anyone care who did what first, the idea of the books in school essay original doesn’t matter. This has been a style era rather than a specific moment of change or development. At the edge of antioxidant activity practice we only find more things to be absorbed. At the center is a mass of tiny maneuvers. Self-consciousness constantly rebuilds this site of continuity.

It is stacked with self-referential work—all ready for self-aware re-reading, actions, and gestures. Certain terms have been established as a kind of lingua franca. It is a zone where it is possible to trust yourself within confusion. Papers. Learn communication skills. All the phd thesis activity while students get smarter and recognizably different—ironic in a way that levers the critical tone a little higher and eases the zone a little broader. Within this vague contemporariness people see more and a mockingbird innocence, more than they saw before. That is the genius of the regime.

Contemporary art is the perfect zone of deferral. No clarity can be overcomplicated when it is reproducing itself endlessly. Activity. Here we can encounter slightly different situations every day. Essay Questions. Feuds with good men will not create a rupture here any more than the condemnation of antioxidant obscenity. The problematic cannot be destroyed. Jealousy in this environment is exhausting and unproductive.

Instrumentalization at the institutional level is always in place in banning books libraries essay order to defy the idea of a them and antioxidant activity, us. Why should I tell you whether what is produced is good or bad? No one can ever really understand the basis of what I’m telling you. Devices. What?s readable? Tell me about your work. How many voices are in your head? This has been the time of the activity curatorial text. In the service of many. Mathilde ter Heijne, Mathilde, Mathilde. , 2000, video. Image courtesy the artist and ARNDT gallery. Current art cannot be left to idle within the contemporary as a question of taste or preferred subjectivity.

There are real problems of differentiation that will be reshaped by the new academicization that the contemporary awaits. The contemporary offers a multiplicity of artists whom we hope will coalesce like one of banning libraries essay Negri?s global tribes into a force of implicit resistance, but the contemporary creates anxieties ensuring that all operators within it are forever awaiting a specific cue for action. This is why the phd thesis antioxidant contemporary arena doesn’t feel as if it is the place to really be starting anything, let alone a revolution. Constant and arbitrary reversal of positions has come to be expected like a nervous twitch to report, keep us intrigued. The contemporary displays a disruption between intentions and results, leaving a contingent gap that makes it futile to look for contradictions. Antioxidant. The displaced is uniquely discoverable here.

An inability to project into the future, to finish narratives—having, by an accident of birth, missed the end of everything. Functioning on surplus energy, with a clear desire to get organized. They are about to become organized by other people—instrumentalized, exchanged, and redefined by others. Knowing which “personal” to book, occupy is of help here. We must assume that everyone is true. Trying on different personalities is forgiven within this realm. The decision to change an obligation. Burning paintings is the activity originating myth.

The point is to join the highway on the on-ramp at full speed, then chose which lane to occupy. Slowing down or getting on or off again is Cloud Computing devices, difficult and phd thesis activity, undesirable. Difficulty is internal in othmer this place, and a completely different person emerges to occupy this internal space of thought and action. Activity. The contemporary is always an internal thing that is expressed only partially on the external. It is full of ways to be misled and involves the avoidance of totalizing shifts masked by stylistic changes. History defying becomes a complete rupture.

Defying history is part of the past. The regime of the contemporary becomes more and more inclusive of its own past and eternal future. Bloated and on the edge of usefulness, it reaches out endlessly in all directions. But so did the flat earth that people once believed in, and so did the endless sky of the West. This essay was developed during a weeklong seminar at Columbia University’s School of the Arts in research paper by dr siegfried othmer October 2010. Phd Thesis Antioxidant Activity. Special thanks to Robin Cameron and Ernst Fischer for the use of their notes of the week’s work. The text was written for the book Cultures of the Curatorial (eds. Beatrice von Bismarck, Jorn Schafaff, Thomas Weski), forthcoming in 2011. Liam Gillick is an books artist based in London and phd thesis activity, New York. His solo exhibitions include “The Wood Way,” Whitechapel Gallery, London, 2002; “A short text on the possibility of creating an research paper economy of equivalence,” Palais de Tokyo, 2005; and antioxidant activity, the retrospective project “Three Perspectives and a short scenario,” Witte de With, Rotterdam, Kunsthalle Zurich, and MCA Chicago, 2008–2010.

In 2006 he was part of the pyramus essay free art school project unitednationsplaza in Berlin. Gillick has published a number of texts that function in parallel to his artwork. Proxemics: Selected Writing, 1988–2006 (JRP|Ringier, 2007) was published in 2007, and the monograph Factories in the Snow , by Lilian Haberer (JRP|Ringier, 2007), will soon be joined by an extensive retrospective publication and critical reader. He has in addition contributed to many art magazines and journals including Parkett , Frieze , Art Monthly , October , and Artforum . Gillick was the artist presented at the German Pavilion during the 53rd Venice Biennale in 2009. Exhaustion and Senile Utopia of the Coming European Insurrection. A Letter from Donetsk: Art Amidst the Roses. Contemporary art does not account for that which is taking place. Culture Class: Art, Creativity, Urbanism, Part I. Politics of Art: Contemporary Art and the Transition to Post-Democracy.

e-flux conversations is a discussion platform for e-flux readers. Click to start a discussion of the article above. See Liam Gillick “The Good of Work” e-flux journal , no. 16, (May 2010), >; and Liam Gillick, by activity Artspace, Auckland, New Zealand as the book “Why Work? ” (Auckland: ARTSPACE, 2010). Hal Foster for the Editors, “Questionnaire on ‘The Contemporary,’” October 130 (Fall 2009): 3. Correspondence with the author, November 2010. For example, see “Carnegie International Artists Bios, 2004/2005,” > and “Laurie Anderson, Paul Chan, Richard Chang, Adam Kimmel, and Diana Picasso Join MoMA PS1’s Board of Directors,” >. Quoted from Liam Gillick and Anton Vidokle, A Guiding Light , Shanghai Biennale; Performa, New York, 2010. See Liam Gillick “The Good of Work” e-flux journal , no.

16, (May 2010), >; and Liam Gillick, by Artspace, Auckland, New Zealand as the book “Why Work? ” (Auckland: ARTSPACE, 2010). Hal Foster for the Editors, “Questionnaire on ‘The Contemporary,’” October 130 (Fall 2009): 3. Correspondence with the author, November 2010. For example, see “Carnegie International Artists Bios, 2004/2005,” > and “Laurie Anderson, Paul Chan, Richard Chang, Adam Kimmel, and Diana Picasso Join MoMA PS1’s Board of research by dr othmer Directors,” >. Quoted from Liam Gillick and Anton Vidokle, A Guiding Light , Shanghai Biennale; Performa, New York, 2010.

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